this is us

thanks for stopping by our blog. it's the continuing story of how we're making, growing, and nurturing our queer family.

essie (e)
stay at home mummy. crafty lady. writer of stuff.
likes: sewing, folk music, gardening, period dramas, custard.
dislikes: mushrooms, snails, hot weather, surprises, joanna newsom.

s-j (s)
working mummy. teacher of children. baker of deliciousness.
likes: joanna newsom, baking, school fetes, celebrity husbands.
dislikes: the telephone, personality tests, cookbooks without pictures.

arthur atticus (arty)
firstborn son. apple of eye. joy of heart.
likes: the incredible hulk, your glasses, trams, meerkats, paul simon.
dislikes: sitting still, having his nose blown, sleeping in.

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  1. I dislike cookbooks without pictures too!! lol