all about the noms

we love food in our family. we love cooking it, we love eating it, and we love sharing it.

in that spirit, i regularly share recipes on the blog. thus far they've been mostly baby food, but as arty grows, i'll be posting some of the family food we enjoy together too.

two things:

  • look for the little bird to see if a recipe age-appropriate for your baby. bear in mind that these are only a a guide, and you should always exercise caution when introducing new foods to an infant.

  • i don't like to indicate portion sizes and quantities for recipes because all babies (and all grown ups!) have different appetites and it's not helpful to be prescriptive about these things. unless otherwise stated, all recipes will make multiple servings, because i like to make food in advance and freeze it.

i hope you and your family find these recipes useful and delicious!

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