Saturday, June 7, 2014

six days of green smoothies: the good, the okay, the bad, and the undrinkable (a wrap-up)

my green smoothie experiment has been an educative and edifying experience.
i set out with grave suspicion, and was, more often than not, pleasantly surprised by the flavours i encountered.
they were certainly not all winners, but on the whole, i think i've started to get an idea of what i like in a green smoothie, and what i'm best off avoiding.

in order of yummiest to most disgusting, they went like this:

  • day two - banana, raspberry, spinach, pear, coconut water
  • day six - banana, kiwi, pear, spinach, water
  • day three - kiwi, apple, spinach, raspberry, coconut water
  • day one - spinach, blueberry, pear, kiwi, coconut water
  • day four - cucumber, kiwi, spinach, strawberry, peppermint tea
  • day five - spinach, parsley, blueberry, apple, coconut water

like i said in a previous post, i was really glad that i bought ingredients in advance and froze them. not only did this make the daily preparation a lot more straightforward, i think i prefer the texture of the blended frozen fruit.

they also filled a nice niche in my daily eating plan. i find that i have trouble resisting unhealthy snacks at around 3 - 4 pm, when my energy is running out and i still have a lot of day left.
i've found that having a green smoothie at lunchtime, and then having a more substantial lunch in the middle of the afternoon (instead of reaching for snack foods) has been a really positive change for me, so i think i'll keep that up.

i can't honestly say that after six days on these things i suddenly have a whole lot more energy, or that i'm glowing with a green light from within, but i do feel good about upping my fresh fruit and veg intake.
arty's currently sick with a virus, and i haven't come down with it yet, so maybe they're giving my immune system a boost? who knows? i don't think i can reliably give them the credit for that, but they can't be hurting!

there are a bunch of things i'm yet to try including in my recipes - adding seeds to the mix, using different green leafies instead of spinach, etc., and i'm looking forward to experimenting with a wider variety of fruits when spring and summer arrive.

at the end of the day, while they should definitely be healthy, for green smoothies to be something i make part of my daily routine, they also have to taste nice. i won't be adding powdered cow poo, or fermented kelp to my smoothies if they become the next big thing in healthy eating (what? weirder things have happened!). i will keep sticking the spinach and the berries in there, because they are both nutritious and delicious. it's as simple as that.

i honestly didn't think this would be the conclusion i'd come to, but i think i'll be having at least a few of these a week for the foreseeable future.

maybe i'm more of a hippie than i thought...


  1. I loved this series. I drank along with you (skipped the peppermint tea - base one!) and came to some similar conclusions. Try peas, they are a yummy substitute or addition of green!

    1. ooh, peas! what a great idea! i am definitely going to give them a go. sweet and green = perfect :)

    2. the pea shoots were nice too, but a bit grassy - i would use less next time.

  2. i'm really enjoying kale in mine, much to my surprise! today's also includes fresh lettuce from the garden.

  3. i am sceptical of kale - it seems like it'd be too bitter?

  4. i am sceptical of kale - it seems like it'd be too bitter?