Sunday, June 1, 2014

six days of (green) smoothies: day three

after the success of yesterday's smoothie, i was positively... positive in my approach to this one.

this morning i did a 10km walk with friends to raise money for multiple sclerosis research, and half way through i started looking forward to the smoothie i would drink when i got home.

what is going on here? have i turned my brain into a sloshy brownish greyish pulp after drinking only two of those buggers?

our team at the halfway point.
soggy, but happy.

i tottered through the door, all damp, soggy, and covered in mud, and went straight for the blender (mentally high fiving past essie for her foresight in preparing and freezing portions at the beginning of this experiment).



1 kiwi fruit (peeled)
1 apple (cored, but unpeeled)
1 cup spinach
1/2 cup raspberries
1 cup coconut water


  • place all ingredients in blender, breaking the fruit pieces up as much as possible as you do.
  • blend until smooth.
  • you may need to poke the frozen fruit down a bit with a wooden spoon to achieve an even texture. turn the blender off each time you do this.

this went in:

and this came out:

kind of brown. and kind of delicious!

again, the fruit completely masked the taste of the spinach. this just tasted sweet and fruity. i really like the way the frozen fruit makes it icy and thickshakey. 

i gave katie a taste, and even she agreed, so i can't be hallucinating, right?... right?


  1. Haha! I always feel like green smoothies seem scarier then they really are! I put all sorts of weird things in Lior's now-a-days. Even carrots and zucchini! They just taste less sweet, but berries cover a multitude of sins, oops, I mean, vegetables.

    1. yep - berries and banana forever!