Thursday, May 29, 2014

six days of (green) smoothies: day one

look, i don't want to come across as a total sheep, but i spend enough time on pinterest to have become curious about the current mania for green smoothies.

they seem to me like a very efficient way to get a lot of fresh fruit and veg into you in one go.

i'm sceptical about how good they can taste, how realistic it is to prepare them on a daily basis, and whether they can honestly make me feel as good as all the girls at yoga class insist.

the only way to find out is to try!
on the deeply flawed assumption that eight million hippies can't be wrong, i'm going to have one green smoothie a day for the next 6 days, and see how i feel at the end of it.

six days of (green) smoothies: day one

today i went to the market, picked up a whole load of ingredients, and divided them up into different combinations. i've put them in zip lock bags and stuck them in the freezer so that i can make a smoothie every day without having to stress about having fresh ingredients.

in the process i put one lot of ingredients aside for immediate preparation. it went like this:


1 cup spinach leaves
1/2 cup blueberries
1 whole pear (cored, but unpeeled)
1 whole kiwi fruit (peeled)
1 cup coconut water


  • place all ingredients in blender
  • blend until smooth(ie)

the first thing to note about this concoction is distinct failure to be green.
i am putting this down to the blueberries.

this smoothie exceeded my expectations simply by not being the most disgusting thing i'd ever put in my mouth. i'd go further and say that i actually didn't mind it. i wouldn't prepare one of these to drink just for deliciousness' sake, but as a healthy tonic it was more than palatable.

is that damning it with faint praise? maybe.
all i mean is it wasn't too bad.
as i drank it, i made this face...

... a sort of trepidatious curiosity. quite far from all out disgust.

i made this at lunch time, and after drinking it i'm too full for my actual lunch, so i can definitely say that these things are satisfying. i also feel kind of virtuous, which is always pleasing. hopefully i don't tip over into smug, because that's not a look that suits me at all.

i'm approaching the next one with cautious optimism.

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