Friday, May 30, 2014

six days of (green) smoothies: day two

day two of the great green smoothie experiment. what excitement! what trepidation!

i would have sprung out of bed in my enthusiasm to continue to do science to the vegetables this morning, but i totally munted my back assembling ikea furniture with sj last night, so my kitchenward journey was more of a determined hobble than anything else.

when in pain, tweet.

freezing the ingredients was a really good move in light of my current incapacitation. i didn't have to stand at the bench chopping things up, i just emptied the contents of one of my little baggies into the blender, added liquid, and smoothied. here's what they were:


1 banana
1/2 cup raspberries
1 cup spinach leaves
1 pear (cored, but unpeeled)
1 cup coconut water


  • place all ingredients in blender, breaking up frozen fruit as much as possible as you do.
  • blend until smooth.
  • you may need to poke the frozen fruit down a bit with a wooden spoon to achieve an even texture. turn the blender off each time you do this.

still not green

i hope you won't think i've been nobbled by the green smoothie marketing board when i tell you that this one was genuinely yummy.
if i'd ordered this at a cafe, i wouldn't send it back, which is more than i could say for yesterday's.

the banana made it creamy, the berry and pear made it sweet, and the spinach's presence could only really be discerned by that vaguest leafy aftertaste.

the fact that the fruit was frozen gave it the consistency of a thickshake, which tricked my brain into thinking it was having some kind of indulgent treat (how much of a spoiled, first world brat am i not to consider fresh fruit and vegetables a treat?).

verdict? would nom again.
i swear i'm as surprised as you are.

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