Wednesday, April 16, 2014

tenth anniversary

sj and i celebrated our tenth anniversary this week.
it was going to be our wedding day, so there was a little sadness mixed in with the joy, but we still had a lovely time together.

we exchanged the rings that hanna made us over a very special dinner, drank champagne, and talked about all the things that we've loved about the decade we've spent together so far.

i'm not going to try to summarise what she means to me, the way our relationship has changed and strengthened over the years, all the things we've been through together. it's just not possible. 
but i do want to share a poem that our beautiful, and immensely talented friend anna wrote for us.

(for Essie and Sara-Jane)

Among so many  voices in one sound
two women sang and quite before they knew
a seedling song popped up above the ground,
a garden flowered in her chest: they grew.

A lover’s knot that there someday would meld
a golden boy whose heart in every weather
would bring a loving throng of folk to weld
their hands in strength above the shit together.

The years unfold by miniature reveals,
the common places where we leave our love:
in cakes and patchwork quilts and Bucky feels,
til every day life fits us like a glove.

So kiss will lead to kiss as night to day,
reminders every hour : each one will stay.

we're lucky in each other, and lucky in our friends. the luckiest.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

family noms: fig, banana and honey smoothie

we went to the market this morning, and i was very excited to find some figs. i wasn't sure arty would be crazy about eating them whole, so i thought i'd try giving them to him in a smoothie. he loved it!

fig, banana and honey smoothie


1 frozen banana*
2 whole ripe figs
1 cup milk
2 tsp honey (or however much you want, really!)


  • place all ingredients in blender
  • whizz until smooth
  • serve immediately

this makes about one grown-up sized smoothie, or two kid-sized ones. it's a great way to get some fresh fruit into kids who might be a little reluctant to try new things.

* i really don't like bananas when they start to get overripe, so we peel them and put them in the freezer. sj uses them to make banana bread, or i use them frozen in smoothies like this. it makes the drink nice and thick and cold like a milkshake without having to add ice cream.