Thursday, February 27, 2014

starry collage art for toddlers

this week, my friend talia tried some collage art with her son, and it got me thinking about having a go with something similar for arty. we had glitter in the craft cupboard, and i always have little offcuts of coloured paper from my scrapbooking, so i thought we'd start there. here's how it went:

what we used:

clear craft glue
paint brushes
blue and silver glitter (ours is in handy shaker bottles, but you could easily put glitter in bowls, and sprinkle it with your fingers)
pieces of coloured paper torn into small pieces
large piece of black cardboard

what we did:

  • poured some glue into a bowl to make it easy to dip a paintbrush into.
  • splotched and splodged glue all over the cardboard
  • sprinkled glitter liberally over the cardboard, shaking the paper around to allow it to stick to all the gluey bits.
  • stuck pieces of paper on the gloopier blobs of glue.
  • sang 'twinkle twinkle' the whole time

suggested variations:
  • use a die cutter to cut actual star shapes out of the paper scraps (if i'd thought of this in advance, i'd've done it, but this was an off-the-cuff activity that i didn't want to lose momentum on)
  • find some star-shaped glitter to go with the plain glitter
  • with bigger kids, try to make actual constellations, or even a map of the solar system

arty was so excited to show this artwork to his oma and his mummy this afternoon. he had a great time making it, and he's proud to see it hanging on the wall.

Friday, February 7, 2014

family noms: melon, mint and apple icy poles

in this hot, hot weather, we've been enjoying slicing up watermelon and keeping it in the fridge for a quick cool snack.
last week, as i was doing this, i set aside a little bit of watermelon to make another flavour of icy pole.
the addition of mint made these fruity ices particularly refreshing during the heatwave!

melon, mint and apple icy poles


9 tbsp finely cubed watermelon
6 tsp finely chopped mint leaves (we used native mint, but any variety will do)
apple juice to top up


  • place 1.5 tbsp of watermelon pieces, and one tsp of mint leaves into the bottom of each icy pole mould.
  • top up with apple juice
  • freeze overnight