Tuesday, March 19, 2013

why we get muddy

i want my kid to know the joy of getting covered in mud.
to weave his fingers in and out of blades of grass.
to find a big puddle, plonk down in the middle of it, and SPLASH!
to poke at snails.

i want him to play under the sprinkler.
to dig holes.
to follow a lady beetle to the furthest corners of the yard.
to find out what lives under that rock.

and if his clothes get a bit grubby, he gets big smudges of dirt on his face, and his fingernails are filthy, GREAT!
if he sometimes has to have two baths in one day, oh well!
as far as i'm concerned that means he's doing childhood right.


  1. If Arty-bear doesn't have dirt under his nails it's a sad day, that garden makes him so stinkin' happy!

    1. it's true. a good dig, and a forage about does wonders for his wee soul.

  2. Love this! We're trying to get Christian out as much as possible, but I don't always do outside well, so it's something I need to work on too.

    I love that Arty is bare footed, too. I listened to the mums in our swimming class talking about how their children aren't allowed on grass without shoes yesterday :(

    1. that seems very sad to me. though i can understand being nervous about your kid's safety, and that expresses it in different ways.