Tuesday, March 12, 2013

first words

when arty asks me what his first word was, i don't think i'm going to be able to tell him. because it didn't just happen all of a sudden.
first he babbled. 
then he started to make speechlike sounds. 
then those sounds started to sound like words but weren't really attached to the objects he was talking about.
and then, slowly, the words began to be coupled with what they actually meant.

he now says a bunch of words, and is really starting to make himself understood. for the record he says:

  • yes
  • no
  • up
  • down
  • gone
  • bubble
  • pop
  • mum
  • bath
  • dose (for josie, his oddmother)
  • Pablo (the name of the neighbours' dog, which he uses for all dogs)
  • cat
  • that
  • bang


his understanding of language is developing at a cracking pace. he can follow simple instructions like "put it on your head" or "put the blocks in the box", can identify some body parts like "foot" and "tummy", and he understands a lot of action words such as "clap" and "shake".

i am so glad that he is developing new ways to talk to us, and express himself. 
we're going to be having in-depth conversations about finger painting and lego before we know it.


  1. I love how children will start using the name of one animal for all of that animal. He knows multiple cats, so obviously cat is different from Orla and Josh, but all dogs MUST be called Pablo! :D
    Also, how jealous is Auntie Katie :D
    we must skype soon so i can hear these words!

    1. not jealous at all*, sometimes he calls me Dose as well, which means he loves me too!

      *dying of jealousy

    2. it's got to do with learning about semantic categories. so interesting to watch!

  2. Such an intelligent little man! I love when they can start to understand what you say to them. Makes me heart sing! Does he call both you and S-J "mum" or does he have different versions to each of you? I mean, I know you have given yourselves different names, but does he call you each by them yet?

    1. we're both mumum at the moment. it will be interesting to see how long it takes before he starts differentiating!