Sunday, March 24, 2013

embroidered label for a special toy

this is bunny:

bunny is arty's beditme buddy. he tucks her under his arm and snoozes with her every single night, and for every single nap.
recently, he's taken to carrying her around with him during his waking hours as well. he's just learned to walk, and seeing him toddle around, clutching her to his chest, is face-meltingly adorable.

now that she gets around a bit more, and his attachment to her has become so pronounced, i've started to get a little worried about her getting lost, and how upset he would be if that were to happen. so today i embroidered a little label for her, so that if she is left somewhere, she has a better chance of finding her way back to us.

here's how it did it...
(n.b., this is for toys with a looped tag still attached)

embroidered labels

what you'll need:

cotton tape (like this)
cotton embroidery floss
embroidery needle (size 8 is my preference, but use whatever you like)
water erasable fabric pen
a sewing machine (optional! if you don't have one, it's fine to just use some cotton and hand stitch)

what to do:
  • about 1.5cm in from the end, carefully print your baby's name and a phone number onto the cotton tape with your erasable pen 
  • cut it from the roll, 1.5cm from the last digit of the phone number
  • using a simple backstitch, carefully stitch over the name and number

  • thread the tape through the tag loop on the toy, with the right side of the stitching facing inward.

  • make the tape into a closed loop, either by hand stitching it with cotton, or sewing it up on your sewing machine.
  • turn the loop the right side in.
easy peasy! 


  1. That's a genius idea. At the bookshop I work in, we often get little furry friends left behind with no information on them - if there was, we'd call up for sure!

    Hi also - I'm Fiona, mama of Rocket, friend of Steph. Howdy! :)

    1. hi fiona! :)
      it's good to know that people would call. i'd like to think that most people would be kind enough to do that, but who really knows?

  2. I went out and bought another one of Charlies Teddies for him. Then he saw them both at the same time and wanted them BOTH! So I thought oh no now I have to buy a further 2 teddies lol

    1. i can see this a s a problem that might multiply... XD

  3. Oh, I love this and must make one for my son's stuffed gecko. He's been carrying it around for years.