Thursday, January 31, 2013

arty's first birthday party

arty's first birthday was a perfect sunny sunday. we spent the afternoon in the back yard with delicious treats, a paddling pool, face painting, bubbles, and many beloved people.

too busy posing to blow out the candle

"cake! where have you been all my life? you guys have been holding out on me!"

fruit sticks - perfect for babies, kids, and grownups alike 

very proud of my little fondant leaves, lady bugs and bees 

baby soup

 party bags for all!

arty clapped enthusiastically when every one sang "happy birthday" and thoroughly enjoyed all the hugs and attention he received. we were worried he might get overwhelmed by it all, but he enjoyed every second. i think we might have an extrovert on our hands here!

we'll look back on his first birthday as a very happy one. here's to many, many more like it.


  1. It never occurred to me to look at your actual blog, outside of my RSS reader, and see if you had moved elsewhere. Duh! Thank you for posting the link to The Crowned Finch! I've wondered where you'd gone since the baby was born, and I'm so delighted to start reading about your adventures with Arty here! I'm also delighted to have the opportunity to read about the adventures of an awesome queer family, as there aren't enough of them/us blogging out there. And with that said, I'm completely enamored with Arty's 1st birthday! The cupcakes remind me of some I made for one of my favorite little ladies at her 1st birthday -

    Hooray! <3

  2. looks a fantastic party! lovely job on all the sweet baked goods!

  3. Such a beautiful day celebrating an excellent boy.

  4. Yay! I am only just reading this now. What a beautiful birthday celebration for a beautiful boy!