Tuesday, October 16, 2012

would suit someone with similar sock

babies constantly jettison socks, hats, toys, and other miscellaneous belongings from their prams. sometimes people pick them up and put them on a fence post or tree in he hope that their owners will pass that way again and find the lost item. i've passed many of these in my time, and always wondered if they get picked up again, or just languish there until they get blown away, or put in the bin.

today, at least one of those items was returned to it's rightful home. as we were walking after breakfast, we found one of arty's socks tucked in the fence of one of the houses we regularly pass as we stroll around the neighbourhood.

people are nice around here.


  1. yay neighbors! that's a really cute sock!

    1. it is stripy and it has a friendly monster on it. it's a winner :)

  2. What great neighbours! Elijah has those socks too!