Thursday, October 11, 2012

meeting talia and lior

this morning arty and i met our friends talia and lior for the first time.

talia and i became friends through the wonders of craftiness, blogging and twitter, while we were both pregnant. she and her husband luke welcomed lior exactly six days before arty was born, and our two little boys have been growing up in parallel for the best part of the last nine months.
talia and i are both avid instagrammers, so we've both seen a lot of each other, and each other's families. as a result, today didn't really feel like a first meeting.

arty took to talia straight away, and gave her some top quality snuggles. the boys shared a fruit plate, and made a mess of our little table, while their mamas chatted away. it was a lovely way to spend a morning.

thanks for coming down our way, talia and lior. we'll see you again soon! x


  1. I've been reading Talia's blog since I was pregnant (now my baby is six month old) and love the way she writes and all. Now I got on your blog through hers and loved it. Arty is such sweetheart.

  2. thank you so much for saying so! we think he is pretty lovely too ;)