Tuesday, October 23, 2012

treating the dreaded cold sores

one of the most consistent symptoms of a flare up in my illness is the arrival of cold sores. i usually get them around my lips, but sometimes inside my nose and on other parts of my face.
they are painful, and they are ugly, and that used to be what bothered me most about them. you feel disfigured, contagious, infested, and vile when you have sores on your face, and it's just awful.

but now, the thing that upsets me most about them is the fact that i can't kiss my baby when i have them. it goes against my every instinct to hold back from smooching his cheeks, and kissing his belly.
to turn my face away when he goes to press his little lips to my cheek for one of his slobbery baby kisses breaks my heart.

to make matters worse i don't get any early warning signs for my cold sores. some people can nip them in the bud because they get a tingling feeling before the sore emerges, but mine just come from nowhere.

so what do i do?

i find that taking lysine (with vitamin c and zinc) helps reduce the severity and duration of the sores. i take it pretty regularly as a preventative measure too, but a bad flare up will come with cold sores regardless.
in my case, something more is needed.

happily, i recently discovered tinderbox's cold sore balm, and it is absolutely the best treatment i have ever used for this problem. it doesn't have any chemicals in it, but it is still incredibly effective. it contains white camphor, melaleuca, myrrh, peppermint and benzoin - all excellent germ killers.

applied topically, it helps to dry up and heal the lesions so much faster than anything else i've tried.
this stuff has earned a permanent place in our medicine cabinet. i simply can't recommend it enough.

nb: this is not a sponsored post - i have not received any incentive to write it. i'm just sharing my opinion of the product.

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