Thursday, May 31, 2012

baby fashionista

s and i were talking the other day, about the way people dress their babies. lots of people seem happy with pink-for-a-girl and blue-for-a-boy, and that's cool if it's your thing, but we were wondering if so many babies are dressed in blue and pink because those two options are pretty much all that mainstream australian shops offer (ok, you might get red or grey as well). if you want to buck that trend you have to go out of your way to find alternatives.

i've enjoyed that challenge, and as a result arty is developing a bit of a reputation as a baby fashionista. a few people have asked me about where we find his more interesting outfits, so i thought i'd share some of my favourite shops.

my absolute favourite place to shop for arty is love it love it love it. ruth has fantastic taste, and she collects all the best and brightest kidswear from around the world to sell on her site. browsing around her range always makes me want to spend ridiculous amounts of money - it's a festival of bold prints, and cheerful colours - everything i love to see babies in!
i'm currently coveting this awesome peacock onesie - their tails are made of flowers, you guys!

for beautiful quality, eco-friendly baby and kids clothes, i love to go to shak-shuka. the items i've bought from here have been made from lovely soft organic cotton. there's a wide range of gorgeous designs and prints to choose from. 
this is one of arty's softest and most comfortable suits. i want one in my size!

i am obsessed with oishi-m's beautiful range of original clothes. the colours and prints are really earthy and natural, ranging from leafy greens to aubergines, dusty roses, olives, fuschias, and forget-me-not blues. so yummy. arty has a few of their tees and the fabric is just so delicious. he's also got a pair of their jeans, made out of soft denim, and kimono fabric. they're gorgeous. 

i also love ouch baby for their cute, bold designs; and rock your baby for a little bit of sass and punk. i buy their stuff through the baby's got style website, which is an australian site that is easy to browse through, and ships quickly.

so hopefully that's enough to get you started, and make a decent enough dent in your savings. baby's worth it, right?


  1. Oh dear, I should have never asked! Goodbye Baby Bonus! ;-)

    1. it's for baby stuff, right? XD

    2. Haha, totally justifiable!

  2. I want a map one for me, too!

    1. i can see you getting around in one of those. with an old fashioned night cap too :)