Sunday, April 1, 2012


i've been hoping to catch an arty-sneeze on video since he first did one, but it's been tricky! today i just happened to have my phone on hand, and the video app open at the right time:


the best thing about them is the way he goes "oooooooh" when he's done. so funny. so adorable.


  1. So adorable! Elijah enjoyed watching that complete with excited shrieking!
    I'd completely forgotten about the 'oooh' at the end of the sneeze. I can't even think when Elijah stopped doing it :(

  2. EEE and the little smile, as if to say, yes, i sneezed and i did it very well and i feel better now :D

  3. Hi, just wanted to say what a cutie pie of a boy you have there. I noticed you blog link on the ABA facebook page the other day and clicked on it. I've since read the whole thing - I'm a complete sucker for a conception/birth/baby journey and yours has been lovely to read. You seem to be doing a wonderfully great job being Arty's mama, he's a very lucky little man. I love your photo-a-day shots too.

    I too write a blog. I write it because parenting can be hard and all-consuming at times and I needed to rediscover who I was and take back part of myself, but it's not about parenting as such (does that makes sense). Mostly it's gardening and cooking, stuff about my two girls and a few political rants thrown in for good measure.

    Anyway, I've enjoyed your journey so far and will follow with interest as your little boy grows up.

    1. thank you so much for this :)
      i've has a look at your blog and it's lovely. we adore 'the good life' in this house, and we watch the dvds all the time, so it think the name is especially good!
      i hope we'll catch each other at an aba meeting one of these days.