Thursday, March 15, 2012

not just tired

parenting a newborn has really highlighted the difference between regular tiredness and cfs tiredness for me.

s and i have both been feeling like we've been travelling really well so far. arty is a really good sleeper (for a newborn), and we are in a relatively predictable routine, getting decent chunks of sleep. naturally, it's a lot less than we were getting before he was born, but it's more than a lot of new parents get, and we're really grateful for that. it's as if he knows we're new at this, and is giving us an easy run.

up until a couple of days ago, i was feeling tired, but it was a 'normal' kind of tired. then i started to have a good old fashioned cfs flare up, and i've been reminded, yet again, that i have this chronic illness.
suddenly, i'm not just sleepy, i'm tired in my bones. my arms ache when i carry him. my eyes are red and scratchy. the glands in my neck are tender. all my joints are sore.
doing stuff is hard.

but... it's ok.
s is being a superhero, and taking extra special care of all of us. i'm doing my best to take things a little easier than usual, while still being there for arty.
we are doing what we always knew we would - our best.
and it's actually pretty good.


  1. let me know if you need/want a hand ever, I'm totally happy to cook for you guys, or just watch him be adorable etc while you all nap x

    1. thank you, sweetheart. you are the best.
      and coming over is going to be even easier when you move to your lovely new place! :)