Thursday, October 20, 2011

week 26: cucumber

this week fruiby is the size of a cucumber. but not just any cucumber! the internet feels it's important to specify that he is the size of an english hothouse cucumber. i don't even...

i have been feeling about as exhausted as last week, only with added breathlessness. my tummy is significantly bigger again, and i think its squishing my innards a wee bit. i can only imagine what it's going to feel like when i'm as far along as my awesome sister-in-law currently is (how much is she rocking the pregnantness!?):

we've had a couple of hot days here, and i haven't enjoyed them much. i generally prefer the cold weather, and being pregnant definitely makes it more difficult to adjust to changes in temperature. i hope i acclimatise to summer ok, or i am going to have a pretty miserable third trimester. i'll try not to catastrophise about that too soon, but i am definitely feeling apprehensive about it.

i love the idea that fruiby can hear us properly now. i'm making a point of singing to him more often. s and i tend to sing a lot anyway, but i'm trying to sing the kinds of songs that i'll want to use to soothe and settle him when he's born, because maybe he'll recognise them. singing also helps me regulate my breathing, so i'm hoping it will help counteract some of that breathlessness i mentioned.

we're off to a baby and children's expo today. i'll let you know how it goes...

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  1. I have been umming and aahing all morning about the expo- I have a free ticket but the drive in with rain and finding parking is putting me off. If I end up going I'll text you.

    Sorry to hear about the exhaustion and breathlessness. It's not very nice, but yay - they'll be a baby here before you know it and all of this will be a thing of the past :)