Wednesday, October 19, 2011

old bag

i'm a crafty type. i love handmade objects. i think making something yourself gives it the kind of character and soul that you can't buy.

and that's why this bag is particularly special to me:

my mum made it nearly 30 years ago, to take with her to the hospital when she gave birth to me.

it's been used in a lot of different contexts since then - on picnics, travels. my mum and oma even carried me around in it from time to time (there's a photo of this somewhere but it can't find it. i'll post it when i do)! but it's original purpose hasn't been forgotten.

last week i asked mum if i could borrow it to use as my hospital bag. she said i could, but that it was very old, and the elastic had all perished, and it might not be very good. i told her that wasn't the point.


  1. I took the toiletries bag my mother made when she was at school - you can see it in the background in several of the hospital photos of all three of us kids.

    Also, we just weeded a Persephone book - rather pretty illustrations. I grabbed it before it left my office because it was so lovely and made me think of you. Wuld you like me to send it down to Liz?

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