Thursday, September 29, 2011

week 23: paw paw

this week the baby is the size of a paw paw (that's 'papaya' in american).

there was a big milestone this week: s got to feel her first kicks! i have been very impatient for this so i'm very happy it's finally happened. 

i'm experiencing shortness of breath quite a lot. even when i'm sitting quietly, i'll suddenly find myself gasping for more air. it's quite disconcerting.

i think i may be having some big hormonal fluctuations because i've been struggling with some very negative emotions this week too. i was prone to this pre-pregnancy, and knew that there was a chance that being pregnant could exacerbate the problem... i guess the warnings were justified, though it's been tough because i've also had weeks where i've felt really strong and calm and happy - better than i have in years. i suppose there's not a lot of point in over-analyzing things. when things are bad there's not much i can do but ride it out...


  1. *hugs*
    you can always call if you need hugs... if i'm free i'll come.
    and so glad SJ got to feel fruiby!!

  2. Ooh, isn't it so exciting when you partner can feel the kicks!! I love seeing the smile on Luke's face when he can feel it!

    Hopefully you'll be able to stay positive, and your hormones calm down a bit. They're such eratic things, hey?!

  3. sorry to hear you've not been feeling well (i've only just caught up on this post). xox