Thursday, September 15, 2011

week 21: carrot

this week, fruiby is about as long as the average carrot.

as i mentioned, we had our 20 week scan and it showed that all was well. finding out that fruiby is a boy has sparked a new obsession with name selection. it's been sad to say goodbye to some of the names we'd chosen for a girl-baby (ivy, freya...), but it's fun to think of new boy names with the knowledge that one of them might be the one!

for the last few days the muscles in my lower belly have been feeling sore. they're not unbearably painful, they're just letting their presence be known. and this, of course, is coinciding with my tummy getting bigger again. s says my belly-button is getting shallower, which i find weirdly amusing.

we still can't feel kicks from the outside, but they're getting stronger inside.

we did a bunch of useful shopping this week, and actually bought most of the bigger items that fruiby will need, including:
  •  a stroller 
  • a baby hammock (these are really great for soothing babies, and a safe and comfy place for naps)
  • a cot (which we will construct without it's drop-side, and 'sidecar' onto our own bed for co-sleeping)
  • a basic change pad, (which will live in the bathroom for easy access to toilet and laundry as we're cloth nappy-ing)
i bought one or two other items which some people may not consider to be strictly essential... but those people would be wrong:

all in all, a very good week!


  1. Here's a neat tip for cloth nappies: my sister and brother-in-law hooked a kitchen sink hose to the toilet and they use it to rinse off the nappies when changing them, kind of like a pre-wash treatment. It is awesome!

  2. @molly - we got one of these for that very purpose!

  3. I am reading but I don't always remember to come over to comment (I use an RSS feed)! But I'm so excited for you all!

    Our cot is so similar. Do you need to adjust your bed for the side-carring? Ours is a few cm off being the same height as our bed so we might do something else. I need to bring it into our room this week to figure things out.

    That RLP wasn't something I was expecting! There's lots of weird sensations in pregnancy that I just had no idea about.

  4. @ilikerivers - we measured the cot and our bed and they SHOULD be roughly the same height, but we won't really know until we get it set up. we're putting that off til the last minute, because we want to keep the whole process of getting in and out of bed as straightforward as possible while i am all fat and ungainly.
    thinking about you often, wondering whether you've popped. i know it's still relatively early, but it's so exciting to think it could happen any day!

  5. We are the same! We do need to move it in to our room soon but I really don't want to climb around it when I am up and down to head to the bathroom every hour or so! It's hard enough to roll over and get out of my pillow fort! I think if our mattress is a bit low we can just prop it up with something.

    I'll update FB and LJ when we get home from the birth centre, or get S to. My phone internet doesn't really work at the BC.