Tuesday, September 13, 2011

20 week scan

we had our 20 week scan today, and discovered that fruiby is a boy! i have been quite convinced of this all along (though i couldn't tell you exactly why), and was pleased to have my suspicions confirmed.

the scan went very well on all other fronts. all major brain structures are present, as are other organs. kidneys and heart appear to be functioning properly. there were no signifiers of cleft palette, club feet, downs syndrome, spina bifida, or any other conditions.

fruiby was, true to form, a little recalcitrant about letting the sonographer get the measurements she needed, but after a lot of prodding and poking, we got there.

here are a couple of pictures:

a little foot!

 profile, featuring spine

 4d - slightly less creepy than the 12 week one.
he appears to be sucking his arm...
so there you have it! all things being equal, we won't be seeing any more pictures of the lad til he's on the outside... and that's a pretty amazing thing to contemplate!


  1. We all have boys!! Congrats, having a boy is wonderful :) I reckon I have another boy in me too, but we are not going to find out X

  2. YAY! so excited for your growing family. a SON!

  3. omg. that foot is the most precious thing i have ever seen.

  4. @loralou - every lesbian couple i know has boys. i only know of one girl among them, and she has three brothers!
    you are very restrained to wait. there is no way i could have managed another 19 weeks of not knowing XD

    @metalstork - i'm excited too, and at the same time still wrapping my head around it... a BOY! wow! :D

    @jen - it's pretty good, isn't it? i think that is my single favourite photo in the world :)

  5. So exciting! So jealous that you've got photos too.:-P

  6. @t'lia - we got photos AND a dvd of the whole scan. i still can't believe you didn't get pictures from yours. so unfair >:(