Thursday, August 25, 2011


i debated with myself quite a lot about whether or not to create a baby registry. registries can seem a little mercenary, and i would never want any of our friends or family to feel like we were demanding gifts, or that we wouldn't be grateful for anything they selected (or made!) for us with love. but in the end i did make one, and here's why:

1. it takes the pressure off
i sounded a bunch of friends and family members out on how they felt about registries in general, and a lot of them said they really like them because they don't have to worry about getting people things they don't need, don't like, or can't use. i feel the same way, to be honest. i like getting people gifts that i know they really want, and am always pleased when a wedding or party invitation comes with a link to a registry.
i think this is particularly relevant when there's a baby on the way - people want to be helpful and get you things you need, but are not always sure what those things might be.

2. it gives an idea of our tastes
we're not pink-for-a-girl or blue-for-a-boy people. we like bright colours, nerdy themes, and bold prints. we're not mad about plastic toys and teddy bears, but we love wooden objects, interactive toys, and interesting animals. our registry gives a really good idea of the kind of stuff we like, so that even if people don't want to choose an item from the list, they can get a feel or what we're into.

3. it works like a bookmarking system for our own shopping
there are some clothes and books that fruiby isn't going to need immediately, but that i would really like them to have. adding these things to the registry means that someone can buy them if they want, and if they don't i can come back to them later.
there are way more things on there than we would ever expect to receive, because there are things there that we are totally happy to go back and buy for ourselves.

4. it will stop people getting carried away
we really wanted to make sure that we kept the items on the list reasonably priced. we don't want people spending a fortune on baby-stuff, so there are no items on our list that cost more than $100. and we've made sure to include things that are way cheaper, but still really useful/cute/awesome.

if you're curious, here's our list. we'll probably keep adding to it as we find things we like, but i think it's looking pretty good so far!


  1. ping! peepo! pacman onesies! :D :D :D you must be having so much time putting things on the list!

  2. You know me, not uber pro-registry... but you can bet I'm looking at and planning things off your list already. :P <3 (eeee!!! BUY ALL THE THINGS!!!)

  3. moose hat! PAC man onesie! rabbit onesie! books I hadn't thought of!
    what a great registry. You've got great tastes!

  4. those are excellent reasons for a registry :)
    and omg want all the things (and i don't even have a baby!)

  5. TO be honest, I hadn't even THOUGHT of a gift registery for baby before! But after reading your list I think we might consider it. I didn't know you could make them with Amazon either- looks like a nice and easy way to do it!