Sunday, July 17, 2011

everything is better in tiny

i am doing my best not to get carried away with buying baby stuff. but it is HARD! baby stuff is so cute!

luckily, and we're not pink-for-a-girl/blue-for-a-boy kind of people, so that narrows things down significantly. my friend siobhan pointed me towards love it, love it, love it (their website is very flaky, so if it doesn't work, try again later), and they have adorable, bright, fun kid's stuff. i had to restrain myself from buying one of everything.

which isn't to say that i restrained myself completely...

our baby is already the coolest baby i know, and it isn't even born yet!


  1. love these! this site is absolutely great.

  2. @metalstork - how great is it? i had a hard time not buying EVERYTHING. it's so refreshing to see fun, brightly coloured baby stuff, instead of the endless insipid baby pink and powder blue.