Thursday, April 7, 2011

cycle two

a month is a really long time when you're trying to conceive.
when i got the negative result last cycle i was a bit sad, but mainly my reaction was "ok, fine, when can we go again?"

i'm sure in the grand scheme of things it's good to have some down time between goes to take stock or whatever, but i am hard-headed and stubborn, and i just want to keep going at things til i make them work. being slowed down by biology is giving me the royal shits.

this month, my ovulation is coinciding with our donor being out of town. we did an insemination last night, and i had a strong positive opk today, which could mean that that one go was actually timed perfectly, but i would feel better if we'd had one or two more insems just to be on the safe side. i wish i had more control over my ovaries, and could ovulate on command. this process is all very humbling for a control freak such as myself...

cross your fingers for us, please! again...