Sunday, March 6, 2011

something old, something new

when i was little my mum made a songbook for me. she hand-wrote all the songs that we loved to sing, and drew pictures to go with them. it's looking a little battered these days, but it's still there at her house, and i love leafing through it and humming the familiar tunes to myself (or singing them aloud!)

it's a completely unique artifact of my childhood, and there are few objects in the world that are more precious to me.

as a slightly older child i coloured some of mum's drawings. i remember considering it a grave responsibility, and taking the task very seriously.

the other night, we went to a local book shop and i found the notebook that will become our child's song book. it is mustard coloured and has a fox on the front. perfect, right?

i'll transcribe lots of the songs from my old book (like 'alexander beetle', and 'do-re-mi'), and add lots of new ones too...


  1. What a beautiful idea!
    I might have to borrow it :)

  2. I think this is fabulous :)