Saturday, February 26, 2011

further reading

i'm still reading as much about ttc and pregnancy as i can, and i thought i'd share another book that i've found really useful - taking charge of your fertility: the definitive guide to natural birth control, pregnancy achievement, and reproductive health by toni weschler.

this book is widely recommended as an essential tool for women ttc, and i think that's with very good reason.
  • it contains a wealth of information about the female body, and our reproductive processes. it uses diagrams, charts, and clear, succinct explanations to explain the biological processes associated with reproduction and what they mean. 
  • it presents a wide variety of methods for predicting and detecting ovulation, and maximizing your chances of conception, and evaluates the value of different tools such as opk tests, fertility monitors, etc.
  • it contains master charts for fertility monitoring
  • it contains lots of examples from other women's charts to show the variability in how our fertility signs manifest.
  • it also addresses birth control, menopause, and other aspects of reproductive health, so it's not just a book about ttc.
i would definitely recommend this book as a great resource for anyone trying to conceive, or with a general interest in reproduction and reproductive health.

Friday, February 4, 2011

it's everywhere!

it seems like everywhere i look, there are pregnant women - one of my best friends, and several of my wider circle are expecting. i see gorgeous, glowing, pregnant women everywhere i go.

last night we went to see the unthanks and even rachel had a beautiful baby-belly!

s says that being surrounded by so much pregnancy and fertility can only be a good thing.
i just wish it was contagious...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

what i want my child to know

in these early days of planning, before being confronted with the concerns that become more pressing and immediate with pregnancy (making a birth plan, organising cloth nappies, buying the right cot, concentrating on nutrition...), we're doing some thinking and talking about bigger picture things.

what kind of parents do we want to be?

there are lots of facets to this (which i'm sure will be blogged about in future posts), but they all feed into an overarching goal, and that is that there are certain things that i want my child to know. things that i want them to be unequivocally certain of. things that will form the foundations of their world.

they are wanted.
it's funny, but i think being the child of monogamous same-sex parents means that this is something they will find hard to doubt, at least once they have a basic understanding of biology. but it's more than that - i want my child to know that they are an important part of their own family, and that what they bring to it is valued. i want them to know that whatever happens, there are at least two people in the world who are absolutely ecstatic that they exist.

they are safe.
i want my child to know that they have parents who will fight for them, defend them, and protect them against any threat. i want them to know that their personhood is sacred and their body is their own - theirs to love and glory in, theirs to enjoy, and theirs to have complete autonomy over.

they are loved.
i want my child to know that they are loved fully, unconditionally, and unerringly for everything that they are. and i swear i will tell them so every single day.

i think knowing these things is fundamental to growing up with self esteem, confidence, bravery, and hope. i think it's the best vaccine i can give my child against unhealthy relationships, depression, and other mental illnesses.

i'll do everything i can to ensure that if nothing else, my child knows that these three things are certain.