Wednesday, January 26, 2011


there's not a lot of substance to this post, i just need to vent an anxiety.
i just had a 37 day cycle.
thirty. seven. days.

i understand that this is not abnormal (i've always tended to have 30-32 day cycles rather than the average 28), and it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with me. in fact, in the past it's been great - the longer i can go between bouts of mood swings, breakouts, cramping, backaches and bleeding the better, as a rule!
but now that we're doing the babymaking, it's not such a blessing. we have such a limited window of opportunity with our donor. we've really only got from may to august (or september depending how cycles and travel plans coincide) to get knocked up. that's not a lot of goes.
the bottom line is, the longer my cycle is, the fewer ovulations fit in that window.

what if it's not enough...?


  1. *such things as hugs and cups of tea* from afar. following this with interest, learning for when it is my turn.