Friday, December 31, 2010


we have used the word 'mucus' in this house more in the last few weeks than ever before. s is convinced that she will have this song in her head until we conceive...

  01 Mucus by penelopewaits

you have to be able to laugh at the gross stuff!


  1. It's going to be a year of TMI and new words in both our houses isn't it :) Keith saw a pic of my nightstand and pointed out my 'ovulation thermometer' yesterday! Haven't really discussed the mucus topic yet... But I'm sure we will!

  2. @charm - oh yes. i'm embracing the tmi.
    and mucus isn't the half of it - i've got s photographing my cervix so i can see it! (though i don't intend to share pictures of THAT online XD )